Form 1099-HC Printing and Filing

Q: What is a 1099-HC Form?

A: The form 1099-HC is a new Massachusetts form that serves as proof of health insurance coverage for MA adult (18 years and older )residents.

Q:What fields are covered in a 1099-HC Form

1 Name of insurance company or administrator
2 FID number of insurance co. or administrator
3 Corrected
4 Name of subscriber
5 Date of birth
6 Subscriber number
7 Street address
8 City/Town
9 State
10 Zip
11 Coverage effective date
12 Coverage through date
Name of dependent Date of birth Subscriber number Coverage effective date Coverage through date

Q:Do you have a sample 1099-HC Form?
A: Please check out this link:

Q:I am an employer and need to provide form 1099 HC to my employees. How can I obtain blank copies of the Form MA 1099-HC?
A:The Form MA 1099-HC is available on the MA DOR website:

Q:Where can I find 1099 software and 1099 forms?
A:Please visit this website:

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