How to print and file 1099 forms?

How to print and file 1099 forms?

I received a number of questions about creating, printing and filing 1099 forms, the same question was asked in a number of ways, but the answer remains almost the same.

Below is a list of the questions I received:

How to complete a 1099 form?
How to complete 1099 forms?
How do i complete 1099?

How to print 1099 form or forms?
How to print 1099?
How do i print 1099 forms?
How do i print 1099 tax?

How to prepare a 1099 form?
How to prepare and file 1099 forms?
How to prepare form 1099?

How to create 1099 forms?
How do i create a 1099 form?
How do i produce a 1099 form?

So, in this post we will try to show how you can use W2 Mate, a 1099 tax software, to complete, print and file 1099 forms.

You can click here: to download 1099 software and follow the instructions in this post.

  • Start W2 Mate Software by clicking the icon on the desktop.
  • Click on the “1099 Recipients” button the left Toolbar.
  • Click on “New 1099 Recipient” to add a new 1099 Recipient. Please make sure to enter all the information and click OK. The new information will be saved automatically.
  • Now click on the “1099 Forms” button on the left ToolBar.
  • You can use this window to create and complete your 1099 forms. Each field inside the IRS 1099 form has a corresponding input box on this screen. Once you enter the info for a certain recipient, click on save.
  • Now to print a 1099 form, click on the print button, where you will be presented with a number of options such as the type of copy to print and which forms to select.
  • If you would like to file the IRS 1099 forms with the IRS then you need to go to the e-Filing menu and select the type of form you want to file.

For more information about filing 1099 forms, check out these resources:

Forms and Instructions on the IRS website
Tax forms in the United States:1099 series
W2 Mate Official Website
1099 Software Download

I hope you will find this post useful.

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