How to email IRS 1099-K forms using Yahoo Mail

Today we will cover the steps to email 1099-K forms to payees (recipients) using the popular email service from Yahoo!.


  1. You already have an active Yahoo! Email Account.
  2. You’ve downloaded and installed 1099K Software from  If you do not own a copy of W2 Mate, you can download a trial demo from this link:
  3. You’ve collected the tax information and email for each 1099-K recipient.
  4. Send emails only to consenting recipients who agreed to receive their forms digitally, otherwise send paper forms.

Part 1: Create PDF files for the 1099-K recipients using W2 Mate Software.

  1. Open W2 Mate Software.
  2. Click the “1099 & 1098 Recipients” button from the left toolbar.
  3. For each Recipient you want to send a 1099-K form to, click the “New 1099 / 1098 Recipient” button. And fill all required information including the email address. Make sure to set the types of 1099 forms received field to 1099-K Forms.
  4. Switch to the 1099-K screen and fill out all fields. Please enter and review all fields carefully. When you are done, click the Save button.
  5. Click the “Create PDF” button. Click Browse to specify the output folder name where you want your PDF files created. Specify the Password Options if you want to protect the PDF file (recommended). Under step 3, click Select All to include all 1099-K recipients. When you are ready, click the “Create PDF 1099’s” button.
  6. When W2 Mate finishes creating PDF files, it will prompt you to visit the folder where the files where created, select Yes. Make sure to review the 1099-K PDF for each recipient.
Part 2: Send the 1099-K form to each recipient using Yahoo Email.

Please refer to the “How do I send an email?” tutorial from the Yahoo Email help site for more instructions about this step.
In summary, you will need to create a separate email for each 1099-K recipient and attach the correct PDF file we created in part 1 above. When you are done sending emails make sure to check for bounced-back or undelivered messages.

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